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In collaboration with the FGMF office, I was able to develop the interiors for Passarela House, located in São Paulo - Brazil.

The residence, designed for a sports couple with 4 children, is developed along a large sloping plot of land, through a clever game of volumes and a syncopated relationship between full and empty spaces.

With that in mind, the interior design sought to "ground" the eyesight and bring the experience of spaces to the scale of touch, details and textures. The mix of contemporary and modern brazilian and international furniture, alongside a very concise and integrated woodwork, brought a sober and elegant air to the proposal.

In the more private sphere, we sought to create a different relationship between the spaces and the body, one of introspection and contemplation, attentive to the small nuances of light, shadow, temperature and sound.

Such dichotomy between diverse natures of spaces creates a complex whole, while the fluidity of the open spaces added to the freedom with which the volumes escape orthogonal encounters, brings a stripped-down and dynamic touch to the residence.

Furthermore, the range of materials used throughout the project further enriches the overall panoram of the spaces, and brings a real compositional challenge: reinforced concrete, rustic and polished stone, wood, metal and nature blend to create a unified expression.

I have been participating from the preliminary design stage, in defining flows and layout, to the design of joinery, furniture specification, production and interior management.

The project is currently in the construction phase, with completion scheduled for mid 2024.

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